St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School Devizes.


In 1864 the Sisters of the teaching Order of St. Joseph of Annecy opened a Roman Catholic 'poor school' in an improvised Roman Catholic chapel in Monday Market Street.


Early in 1865 the school, with 14 pupils, moved to the new Church in St. Joseph's Place where the school continued in the church until 1868. In that year a one class schoolroom was provided to the west of the church. The school has been called St. Joseph's School since at least 1886 and by 1893 the attendance was 96.


 In 1901 an infants' room was built and from 1904 there was a separate infants' department under a separate head teacher. The teaching sisters lived close to the school and have always done so.


By 1908 there were 59 infants and 101 juniors attending the school. In 1930 a new school for 240 children was built alongside the existing one and by 1950 there were 92 infants and 183 juniors.


In 1952 Aided Status was granted and in 1970 the buildings were further enlarged. In 2002 the total number of pupils was 225 and in 2003 work is taking place to join the old and new school buildings to form one large unit.


St. Joseph's Convent Girls' School, Devizes was a school for Roman Catholic 'middle class' girls was sited in the Convent from around 1889 to 1969. 


St Joseph's Roman Catholic School Infants and Junior School

 Old Convent for St. Joseph's Roman Catholic School 1864